The Client - Eddie Muscroft

The Client

The work that I have done photographically thus far has been based around a passion for the places that I have been fortunate enough to live in as well as those that I've been lucky enough to visit. Capturing moments that had the potential to inspire me became the reason for involving myself in photography.

But as I have begun to explore this creative craft more, it has become apparent that satisfying my own needs within this field is not quite enough. Understanding the photographic needs of those who take part in adventure sports such as mountain biking, climbing and skiing has become more important than simply creating an image that appeals to me.

Producing images of people interacting with the landscape through adventure sports which not only excite, but that can attempt to tell the story of the day or scenario in question is far more fulfilling both as a photographer and an outdoor enthusiast than merely snapping away just for the assignment.

In short, I want to know what you want or need from me. I'm looking for images that are worth something to a client, whether its commercially or intrinsically. Shots that invoke feelings of intrigue or inspiration have more worth to all parties. If, at the end of the day, I've taken shots that can inspire people to enjoy the same landscapes that I do, then I'm onto something.

For Potential Shoots and Inquiries please go to my contact page. All Photo's are also for sale upon request.

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